Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jennifer Olson

Transient Tide

Haren Vakil

Magritte in Mexico

Dale Wayne

Laurie Mackie


Rosalie Matchett-Short

The Whalebones of Svalbard, 18.5"x36", Encaustic with oil pigment and Steel, 2011.   

Isa Sevrain


Corre Alice

Sparkle Up

Virginia SmallFry

Letting Go The Mask

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Barry Herring

Charles Gabriel

Anne Hansen


Tobias Tomlinson

Jennifer Waelti-Walters

Frances Baskerville

taking the high road 24x24 in acrylic on canvas.

Diana Durrand


Joanne Thomson

Linda Jane Schmid

Primary Nests - acrylic on canvas 12x24

Kristine Paton

Allan Mandell

Lisa Rose